New Tweet Raises Question: Who’s on Trump’s “Special Council”?

There’s been another official statement from the White House this morning:

Screenshot (22)

I have to agree with Trump here. I can’t waddle down the doughnut aisle at Walmart without overhearing eight or nine different conversations, every one of them about the same thing: Why isn’t Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions The Third doing something about Hillary’s 33,000 emails? American families verge on collapse as parents and spouses and children and siblings alike lose interest in all things mundane and prosaic, fixating instead on Clinton and Comey and just the damn injustice of it all.

Thank goodness, though, that Trump has appointed a panel of patriots to get to the bottom of the Hillary email scandal, neglected as it has been by the media and Republicans in Congress. That must be the “Special Council” he’s talking about. Surely he can’t be talking about Robert Mueller, because he used the word

Screenshot (24)

and not

Screenshot (23)

Now I realize that council and counsel are homophones (no, Trump voters, that doesn’t mean they’re afraid of gay people), but surely a careful and articulate person with “the best words” wouldn’t release an official statement to millions of readers with one of these words sloppily substituted for the other.

Would he?