Trump Spokesman Steps in a Big Pile of Truth

Pundit Michael Kinsley famously said, “a gaffe . . . is when a politician tells the truth — or more precisely, when he or she accidentally reveals something truthful about what is going on in his or her head. A gaffe is what happens when the spin breaks down.”

By that standard, today’s musing by Donald Trump’s shiny new fabulist, Anthony Scaramucci, is a whopper. During a CNN interview in which he suggested every manner of ill fate for White House leakers who habitually throw each other — and their boss — under the stagecoach, Mooches let loose this gem like a word-belch:

There are people inside the administration that think it is their job to save America from this president. Okay?


One marvels at the implications of this admission against interest:

  • Most obviously, we must assume that the White House is populated with Trump lackeys possessed of loyalty on an order of magnitude usually reserved for deities. That being so, what are we to think when even they start to think, holy shit — this guy is nuts?
  • Scaramucci doesn’t say here that America doesn’t need saving from Trump, or that it’s somehow offensive that anyone would think America needs saving from its own president. He simply bemoans that White House officials think it’s their job to save America from Trump. Apparently, that’s a job that needs doing — but by somebody else.
  • Scaramucci  suggests here that White House leakers, far from being petty and vindictive worms, are actually acting with noble ends in mind; the leakers are not jilted minions seeking to jam the man; they’re patriots trying to save their country. Was that a smart frame for Scaramucci to create?

Anthony_ScaramucciAt any rate, I’m warming to the idea of Mooches as Trump’s spox. His lies are transparent, his truths (accidentally) illuminating, and his clownish cadence befitting a mouthpiece for the buffoon-in-chief. He might be an unwitting tool for Trump’s detractors, not Trump’s loyalists.