Can you explain why a pig is a pig? Welcome to modern American political debate

We’ve arrived at the point in our political dialogue where it’s no longer appropriate for those who oppose Trumpism to have to explain why. In the law, we often use the Latin maxim, res ipsa loquitur: the thing speaks for itself.

There comes a time in argumentation when one has reached the basest, most elemental rendering of one’s position that is possible. Why is it wrong to be a bigot? Because bigotry means picking on someone for arbitrary reasons, often based on some characteristic that a person cannot control. Why is that wrong? Where does one go from there? It’s wrong because it’s wrong. If we’ve reached this point and we cannot secure the agreement of a contrarian, there is nothing to do but move on to someone who can be reasoned with — who is capable of thought and who abides real facts and the most self-evident moral propositions.

This is where we are with Donald Trump. Explaining to his supporters why they should stop supporting him is rather like taking a child to a hog farm, pointing to a pig, and telling the child, “That is a pig and it is wallowing in its own feces,” only to have the child say back, “No, that is an eagle and it is soaring in the heavens.” Where can one go from there — except maybe to a hospital?

Donald Trump said this when asked why he hasn’t mentioned four dead American soldiers in the two weeks since they were killed:


So Donald Trump is a vulgarian and a liar and quite probably the most manifestly awful human being ever nominated by a major political party to any office — local, state, or national. And if I have to explain why to a person who has read the statement quoted above, then that person is a dolt — the sort who can’t see a pig for a pig.